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This is the website for the 3mm Model Railway Layouts of Andrew Shillito. I have been working in 3mm for about 40 years or so. It started when I wanted a new hobby, I had always vaguely been interested in railways and had had a TTR (Trix Twin Railway) as a child. I looked in various shops considered 2mm , but 'N' gauge had not come in then and I decided on 3mm or TT3 as it was then known, and I have stuck with it ever since and never regretted it, although I do dabble in 7mm trams and 16mm live stem in the garden and occasionally involve myself in model boats and indoor electric aircraft.


Joining the 3mm Society was the best thing that I have ever done, I have made many friends and through them learnt a lot about model railways in general and 3mm in particular. Having done 10 years on the committee as Publicity I have now handed this job onto others to carry on the good work.




Revised 31-12-06