Andrew Shillito's Layout


Overall size 8'6"x5'4" viewing along the long side

The layout is designed to be transported by car and is self supporting and comes with it's own lighting.

Usually two operators are required.

The layout is based in Kent but will travel any distance.


Lindhurst is a Colonel Stephens inspired light railway based in mid Kent, hence the name Mid Kent Light Railway, it runs from Linford to the small market town of Lindhurst. The layout is built to the 3mm Society 14.2 standards and uses plastic chairs on ply sleepers with Society rail. The track was planned using Templot track design system and laid with the assistance of gauges from Finney & Smith

Since this was my first 14.2 layout it was necessary to build all new stock and these are in general 3mm society and Finney & Smith kits with the addition of a Worsley Works Southern Railway railbus

B&B couplings were used at first but whilst they are without doubt first class I personally could not get on with them and so turned to DG couplings specially made for 3mm . They are compatible with B&B and seem to suite my operational skills better. Operation being by magnet although I do not use the delayed action function and loops are fitted at one end only.

I like building small locos and I whilst the layout already has more locos than the average Colonel Stephens line, I suspect that over the years many more will follow.

The time period depicted is circa 1936 and is my first historical layout as all others have been set firmly in the BR era. As such it has opened up a whole new field of investigation, ranging from the type of road vehicles to the style of dress,

Useful contacts:-

Track gauges and loco kits Finney & Smith

Coaches and Loco kits Worsley Works


Contact via The Webmaster


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Last updated:1-10-2006