Linton Cement Works is based on an internal industrial system servicing a cement works in which we have the interchange sidings where coal is received and finished product is taken out and a loading facility for bulk cement wagons.   To add interest we have a timber yard, scrap yard and dockside feature and an oil works all of which provide additional traffic.    Once again this is typical of the industrial development of the North Kent area.   We also show the depot where the works locos are kept and serviced and the local village with its shops and church.


The layout is 4.5 metres long with a depth of 750mm and is built to 3mm scale on 12mm gauge track, all track is hand built using printed circuit board and Code 60 rail with all points actuated by solenoid point motors controlled from a central control panel, the layout is effectively wired in three sections any one of which can be operated from either of the two controllers.   The locomotives are in the main scratch built and are all based on prototypes in industrial service.  We do have some kits and some ready to run items where applicable.  All wagons in use are based on 3mm Society kits and are available through the 3mm Society itself.   


We have attempted to portray the typical activities which are carried out in many industrial sidings throughout the country, in our case, this includes internal movement of chalk from quarry to kilns and the movement of coal wagons and bulk cement wagons in and out of the reception sidings.  For added interest we have oil tank wagons and scrap wagons arriving and being despatched to destinations throughout the country.



Size of Layout:              4.5 metres long with a depth of 750mm 

Gauge:                          12mm gauge

Power Requirements:     1No. 13 amp socket

Vehicle Hire:                  Is not required

No. of Operators:           3

Lighting:                        Built-in

Tables Required:            Free-standing

Area Travelled:               Anywhere

Subject to availability the owner is willing to accept a short notice booking.


The layout was recently featured in the January 2006 issue of Model Rail Magazine, and they have graciously allowed us to reprint the article here (MR87 Cement Works.pdf).


Martyn Barnwell took the photographs for the article, and he has allowed us to repost those (and some not used in the article) here.